Friday, May 8, 2009


Meet up location : harbourfront at 6.40 pm tues - fri
ONLY. if you can't make it, opt for postage.

Ailiyo preorder

JE551 3

Fashion 668 preorder 3!

Prices from $9- $17.50!!!
Supplying! Min 5 orders !
MEET up collection/ postage!
Jackets, shirts, dress, skirts, lingeries
Accepting 50% payment first =)
supplying 3 blogshops now

HI ALL, please beware of this blogshop owner!



ACC NO: POSB 209-64418-5


I've transferred $81 over to her account, and after 4 days, she said that her grandfather passed away, and thus the spree was cancelled. THAT WAS 5 MONTHS AGO. She said that she will refund the amount over to me.. and days after days.. excuses like i've used up my money.. i'll try to get the money and refund you by this week. up till now, i received $0 from her. Had made a police report from Which is an online police report system. IF anyone had the same experience with this blogshop please do inform me!

Jens. Style ` status

Clearing stocks =). Spend $15 in for istocks and you will get a free eyeshimmer. Colours are random though!

eyeshimmers $0.80 for one!
colours available = pink/ purple/ blue/ reddish brown ( dark pink)

looking for♥ - updated!!

2nd hand items~ :)

*kindly read terms and conditions before purchasing.*